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Our flexible and proactive partnerships

On-systems has formed longstanding partnerships with a huge range of clients operating across aerospace, defence, naval, marine, media, heavy industry and high-end IT industries. We’ve honed our processes over many years to ensure we remain agile, minimising risks for our partners whilst enabling effective collaboration to deliver the right power systems. With an experienced team of UK based engineers and designers, we strive to make a meaningful difference to our partners’ everyday operations, from definition, to design, development and delivery. We support partnerships in the following markets:


Having developed a wide range of product solutions that meet MIL-SPEC requirements, on-systems are experts in designing and delivering mission-critical power supplies that are robust, dependable and efficient. Whether you require a simple modification of an existing product or require a completely bespoke solution, our engineering team is highly skilled in developing solutions that thrive in harsh environments – on land, at sea and in the air.

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If you require power supplies for commercial or military aircraft, we can deliver cutting-edge products to meet your exacting needs, as well as complying with DO-160G requirements. With a wealth of experience working with partners in the aerospace sector, our designers and engineers are strategic thinkers and proficient problem-solvers, delivering systems that can thrive in harsh environments, withstanding extremes in altitude, temperature, shock and vibration.

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We work closely with many likeminded partners in the marine sector delivering power supplies for a huge range of applications, including ribs, naval vessels and submarines. We’re uniquely positioned to operate as a power design department for our partners, combining proven ability with versatility. If you require power solutions for marine applications that guarantee excellent performance, accuracy, robustness and efficiency, on-systems can exceed your expectations. We also meet stringent STANAG 1008 and DEF-STAN 59-411 standards.

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Having developed strong working relationships with a host of thermal, solar, wind and hydroelectric power plants, we’re recognised as one of the leading power solution providers operating in the energy sector. Our systems are not only designed to lower energy costs and improve efficiency, but they extend the life of equipment and deliver supreme reliability.

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Media & Entertainment

From film studios to theatres and live music venues, on-systems is equipped to deliver durable, power-saving products and systems for indoor and outdoor use. Our knowledgeable, professional and experienced team can cut costs and timelines to ensure you have high quality power solutions for cutting-edge lighting equipment. We’ve grown to supply globally across Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia and South Africa; supporting a huge range of studios and production companies.

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