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EMI Management

Expert EMI management and filtering solutions

With a team of experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable designers and engineers, on-systems can provide tailored EMI filtering solutions for our clients across the globe. Whether you require a COTS, ruggedised, EMI silent power supply for an avionics application or need high levels of EMI management and resilience, we can deliver quality EMI management power supplies to help you obtain smooth, dependable, low noise power, whilst controlling EMI signal issues.

Increasing reliability and longevity of critical applications

When EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) occurs, electric currents disrupt the intended currents that an electronic device is supposed to receive, potentially causing unintended and potentially detrimental operations to take place. Without a quality EMI management power supply, electromagnetic interference can cause a component to fail, malfunction or permanently damage an electronic device, but our EMI Management power supplies can eliminate EMI generated by AC-DC supplies and DC-DC converters, whilst meeting stringent regulations.

Increasing reliability and longevity of critical applications

EMI filtering is especially important in high-reliability applications that utilise lower-power signals and have strict signal fidelity demands. Our cutting-edge power supplies are designed to consistently meet demanding performance requirements, powering applications, equipment and devices that operate in harsh environments, such as defence, marine energy and aerospace sectors.

If you would like to learn more about our EMI management and filtering products, or wish to talk to our experienced team about your needs, please contact us today.

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