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Smooth power and heightened efficiency with 3-phase systems

On-systems is regularly designing, developing and supplying high quality 3-phase systems for a diverse range of clients. With our pioneering products, you’re guaranteed a more constant and reliable current. 3-phase power supplies allow for higher transmission at lower amperage, whilst the power of this system can be exemplified in two configurations; star connection (wye) or delta connection.

PUMA-2012 3-Phase, Wild Frequency, 2.2kW ARINC PSU

PUMA-2012 is an aerospace qualified, ARINC standard power supply.
6U High
4HP Wide
Avionics BayAirflow

  • Operating temperature: -46C to +90C
  • Altitude: 51,000ft (DO-160G)
  • Input Range: 115V RMS AC 3-Phase 50 to 400Hz
  • 500mS HoldUp
  • Output: 28V
  • EMI: DO-160G
  • Harmonics: DO-160G Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing
  • Contaminant Resistant
  • Indirect Lightning Protection
  • MTBF: >150kHrs
  • Efficiency: 90% typ.
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The key advantages of 3-phase power

The key difference between a single-phase and 3-phase power supply is that the 3-phase better accommodates high power loads, whilst other advantages include:

  • Copper Utilisation Reduction
  • Reduced security and safety risks
  • Increased efficiency
  • Facility to run high power loads
  • A smoother form of power
  • Helps extend a system or product’s lifespan

With a highly skilled team of UK designers, we have developed a range of dependable aerospace qualified, ARINC standard power supplies, whilst we remain agile and have grown to support partnerships in the defence, aerospace, rail, energy, marine and entertainment sectors.

A perfect match for high power applications

Whether you’re seeking three phase supplies to deliver high stability and efficiency expectations, or simply require a quality system to deliver smooth and uninterruptible power, we’re confident we can meet your needs. Even if our existing 3-phase products do not meet your exacting needs, we can design, develop, manufacture and supply a completely bespoke solution. Our manufacturing partners are all UK-based and certified to AS9100 (the international Quality Management System standard for the Aviation, Space and Defence). To learn more about our 3-phase power supplies, please Working with us with our friendly team today.

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