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Usage Scenarios

How on-systems delivers reliability, flexibility and performance

On-systems has been designing and manufacturing power supply solutions for a wide range of applications and environments, using proven topologies. From definition and discovery through to full-scale production, our highly skilled engineers work closely with our clients to meet and innovate according to their exacting needs.

Our partners count on us for AC-DC suppliers, DC-DC converters, 3-phase systems and VPX modules as well as many other power systems. Many of our solutions deliver high shock and vibration protection for harsh environments, whilst we are careful to design out obsolescence, and stay clear from any export controlled components. You can learn more about our core usage scenarios below, but whatever sector you operate in, our designers and engineers can confidently deliver quality products that meet stringent requirements, with expertise focused on power conversion, storage and management.

Harsh Environment

Mission critical systems demand rugged high performance power platforms that will operate and survive harsh conditions and on-systems can deliver quality solutions that function flawlessly. With experience across defence, aerospace, marine and energy sectors, no environment is too severe for our highly trained team.

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Film Studios

From small independent production companies to large film studios and broadcasting organisations, on-systems has designed and developed small, light and efficient power supplies. As a growing area of our business, we power all manner of high-end production equipment such as lights, cameras, digital equipment and production kit.

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Conflict Zones

On-systems has designed power supply solutions for every branch of the military, including air, land and sea military operations. We meet the rigorous standards required in conflict zones, working closely with our partners to deliver robust, field-proven solutions that are built for the battlefield.

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To learn more about our experience across a diverse mix of disciplines, please contact our UK based team today on +44 (0) 203 195 2760 or send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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