Military Power         

On Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of COTS
power supplies and complete power conversion equipment
for harsh military environments including Land, Sea and Air applications.

Focussed entirely on power conversion our highly experienced team can work with you to ensure that your power conversion requirement is delivered on time and on budget, by utilising a combination of standard COTS modules and semi custom design capabilities.

Our thorough knowledge of the harsh environments required for Military COTS power supplies drives our development teams to deliver standard products that meet the rigours of:

DEF-STAN 61-5 Issue 6, MIL STD 1275 and MIL STD 704 surges and transients that protect your equipment from electrical damage.




Standard EMC filters and modules ensure compliance to DEF-STD 59-411 Land Class A, MIL-STD 461 and TEMPEST. Our team can work with you to select the optimum filter using our in house pre-compliance EMC test facility.



DEF STD 0035 and MIL STD 810 Harsh environmental specifications are met with standard product, and are supported for use in your product with our detailed application notes.

Our comprehensive range of standard, high quality AC-DC and DC-DC converters ranging from PCB mounted units of a few watts to large system units of several kW, significantly shorten the development time, ensuring that the most cost effective, reliable, low risk, compliant power converters are selected from the outset of a program.