on-systems has a range of aerospace qualified power supplies, including 3-phase wild frequency and power systems for unpressurised aircraft. on-systems' research department is focussed on increased efficiency, reduced space, and removing cooling requirements Typically 97% switching efficiency, wild input frequencies to 800Hz, digitised power and control for big data

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On-systems has a broad range of rugged product solutions for the aerospace market. Our product solutions, which include both specific modifications of existing products or full custom designs, are designed for aerospace environments and meet the harshest of DO-160G and customer requirements.


At the core of every electronic system is a power supply. Aerospace systems require rugged high performance power platforms that will operate and survive the harsh environmental conditions placed upon such systems. Our power supplies, function effectively in severe  environments:


* Commercial Aircraft

* Military Aircraft

* Fixed Wing

* Rotary Wing

* UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)


in all areas of the aircraft;

* under wing

* avionics bay

* unpressurised areas



* 51,000ft

* -55C

On-systems' experience in the Aerospace sector is delivering disruptive technology, meaning we need to create new models to quantify the total system benefits. Our highly efficient, lightweight, low EMI units are reducing the requirements on the cooling system, and creating new opportunities to integrate power supplies into equipment, such as;


* Fuel and hydraulic pumps

* Actuators


With the level of remote control and feedback our power system design is capable of, you can now turn off or regulate pumps throughout flight. Reducing power consumption and increasing efficiency.


The control and system level integration gives real-time load status, and can deliver health monitoring to provide pro-active maintenance programs and extend component life.